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Wigan & District
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Every Wednesday, until September, one runner, drawn at random, who improves their handicap since last week and clicks their clock will win a prize.

 Rewards Running 2022 competition runs until September 2022

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Time  Hrs  Mins  Secs

8002:07.60European U20 Championships1.0-0.48 Aug 23+1
8002:06.24England Athletics U20/U23 Open Championships0.6-0.418 Jun 23+2
8002:06.93England Athletics U20/U23 Open Championships0.6-0.217 Jun 23+3
8002:07.24BMC Grand Prix - World Athletics Challenger0.6-0.11 Jul 23+4
8002:06.23BMC Grand Prix - World Athletics Challenger0.3-0.110 Jun 23+5
8002:05.56BMC Grand Prix - World Athletics Challenger0.2-0.427 May 23
8002:06.30BMC Gold Standard Races0.4-0.710 May 23
8002:10.18UK Athletics Championships Manchester0.50.88 Jul 23
8002:09.56European Athletics DNA U20 Indoors0.50.122 Feb 23
8002:10.07England Athletics U20/U17 & U15 Championships0.50.211 Feb 23
8002:13.91Northern Athletics Senior / U20 / U17 Indoor Championships0.51.315 Jan 23
8002:16.84Northern Athletics Senior / U20 / U17 Indoor Championships0.52.215 Jan 23
8002:13.60Oxon & Bucks Midweek Opens1.40.33 Aug 22
8002:11.27ESAA - English Schools Championships0.30.89 Jul 22
8002:11.62BMC Grand Prix0.30.923 Jul 22
8002:12.62ESAA - English Schools Championships0.31.28 Jul 22
8002:17.04England Athletics U20 & U23 Championships incorporating World Junior Trials0.62.116 Jul 22
8002:14.33BMC Grand Prix0.21.728 May 22
8002:14.27BMC Grand Prix0.11.814 May 22
8002:10.45England Athletics Age Group (U15/U17/U20) Indoor Championships0.50.313 Feb 22
8002:16.6Leicestershire & Rutland Schools Championships0.02.611 Jun 22
8002:12.91England Athletics Age Group (U15/U17/U20) Indoor Championships0.51.012 Feb 22
8002:07.55England U20 & U23 Championships0.8-0.820 Jun 21
8002:07.51BMC Grand Prix0.2-0.512 Jun 21
8002:12.32Manchester International0.90.518 Aug 21
8002:10.81England U20 & U23 Championships0.80.119 Jun 21
8002:09.33ESAA - New Balance English Schools Championships0.30.29 Jul 21
8002:08.69BMC Gold Standard Races0.1-0.29 Jun 21
8002:10.27Müller British Championships inc. Invitation 10000m0.50.326 Jun 21
8002:11.80Loughborough International0.80.023 May 21
8002:09.15BMC Gold Standard Races0.0-0.412 May 21
8002:10.92England Athletics U15 / U17 / U20 Championships0.5-0.623 Feb 20
8002:10.60BMC Grand Prix0.2-0.38 May 21
8002:12.11BMC Gold Standard Races & Sprints0.4-0.15 Aug 20
8002:12.47BMC Gold Standard Races0.00.411 Aug 20
8002:13.77Nuneaton Spring Special Open0.20.61 May 21
8002:15.03England Athletics U15 / U17 / U20 Championships0.50.622 Feb 20
8002:15.67Lee Valley Middle Distance Open0.50.819 Feb 20
8002:16.52BMC Regional Races0.70.928 Aug 20
4.33K15:59Midland Counties Women's 4-Stage Relays2.60.025 Sep 21
8002:15.21Be Fit Today Track Academy Open0.21.03 Oct 20
8002:15.61BMC Gold Standard Races0.11.225 Jul 20
20006:31.10Kettering Town April Open1.2-0.117 Apr 21
15004:39.74Watford Open Graded Meeting0.52.328 Jul 21
3.7K13:14New Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships2.1-2.214 Mar 20
8002:19.74BMC Gold Standard Races0.61.929 Aug 20
8002:11.17England Athletics U15 / U17 Championships0.9-1.41 Sep 19
8002:13.53Charnwood AC Open Series0.8-0.624 Aug 19
8002:15.20England Athletics U15 / U17 Championships0.9-0.331 Aug 19
4.4K16:53British Athletics Cross Challenge (inc Euro Trials, L&D and Mid Lancs leagues)4.1-1.823 Nov 19
4.5K17:29Midland Counties Championships3.2-0.425 Jan 20
3.88K13:45ERRA National Young Athlete Relays1.5-2.16 Oct 19
15004:48.59Midland Counties U13 / U15 / U17 Championships (Inc Senior 10,000m Championships)1.90.511 Aug 19
8002:16.4Leicestershire & Rutland County Schools Championships1.4-0.48 Jun 19
3.88K13:59Midland Counties Young Athletes Relays1.6-1.521 Sep 19
8002:17.89Midland Counties U13 / U15 / U17 Championships (Inc Senior 10,000m Championships)0.60.810 Aug 19
15004:36.43Charnwood AC Open Series0.9-0.110 Jun 19
8002:16.88New Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships0.70.412 Jul 19
8002:15.3Heart of England League Division 20.20.516 Jun 19
8002:12.92Charnwood AC Open Series0.0-0.820 May 19
15004:38.09Charnwood AC Open Series0.40.61 Jul 19
8002:18.2Heart of England League Division 20.11.47 Jul 19
8002:15.9Leicestershire & Rutland County Championships0.00.012 May 19
8002:17.63BMC PB Classic0.10.44 May 19
3.71K13:50New Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships3.9-3.016 Mar 19
3M17:35Virgin London Mini Marathon1.3-2.928 Apr 19
3M17:30Virgin London Mini Marathon Trials1.6-2.531 Mar 19
8002:20.48Tipton Games Open0.70.67 Apr 19
4K15:17ECCA Saucony English National Championships4.4-2.723 Feb 19
4K15:09CAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)3.6-2.29 Mar 19
4K14:23SIAB Schools International0.4-1.123 Mar 19
4K16:05Midland Counties Championships5.8-2.026 Jan 19
8002:15.95England Athletics U15 / U17 Championships0.9-1.426 Aug 18
8002:17.66England Athletics U15 / U17 Championships0.9-1.025 Aug 18
3.88K13:46ERRA National Young Athlete Relays1.2-2.46 Oct 18
8002:23.67Nottinghamshire AAA Open Graded Open & Quadkids Meeting0.51.625 Nov 18
15004:47.48Notts Mini League Inter County Match0.90.58 Sep 18
3.88K14:09Midland Counties Young Athletes Relays1.4-1.522 Sep 18
15004:48.34BMC Regional Races0.80.214 Aug 18
8002:18.8Heart of England League Division 20.5-0.224 Jun 18
8002:18.78New Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships0.4-0.113 Jul 18
8002:23.31Midland Counties U13 / U15 / U17 Championships0.90.611 Aug 18
8002:17.85Charnwood AC Open Series0.0-0.230 May 18
15004:54.7Heart of England League Division 21.30.68 Jul 18
8002:19.98Charnwood AC Open Series (inc. Leicestershire & Rutland 3000m & 5000m Championships)0.20.216 May 18
8002:27.21Midland Counties U13 / U15 / U17 Championships0.91.711 Aug 18
8002:21.8Leicestershire & Rutland County Schools Championships0.20.99 Jun 18
3.1K11:55New Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships4.7-0.617 Mar 18
8002:21.92Leicestershire & Rutland County Championships0.01.012 May 18
15004:49.8Northamptonshire County Championships (inc Leicestershire & Rutland 300m, 400m & 1500m Championships)0.01.113 May 18
4K15:30ECCA Saucony English National Championships4.3-2.024 Feb 18
15004:55.42Tipton Games Open0.71.115 Apr 18
3M18:18Virgin London Mini Marathon1.5-0.622 Apr 18
8002:24.85Charnwood AC Open Series (inc. Leicestershire & Rutland Hammer & Pole Vault Championships)0.01.825 Apr 18
15004:54.22Charnwood AC Open Series0.31.48 Apr 18
8002:26.9Heart of England League Division 20.22.15 May 18
3M17:54Virgin London Mini Marathon Trials0.8-0.84 Mar 18
4K18:13Leicestershire & Rutland County Championships10.0-0.86 Jan 18
8002:22.32U13 / U15 Inter County0.60.59 Sep 17
15004:52.22Watford Open Graded Meeting0.60.823 Aug 17
3.88K14:26ERRA National Young Athlete Relays1.5-0.87 Oct 17
8002:23.21England Athletics U15 / U17 Championships0.31.026 Aug 17
8002:18.39Charnwood AC Open Series0.2-0.814 Jun 17
3.88K14:45Midland Counties Young Athletes Relays1.8-0.223 Sep 17
8002:23.6Leicestershire & Rutland County Schools Championships1.2-0.410 Jun 17
8002:25.37ESAA English Schools' Championships0.51.47 Jul 17
8002:20.6Heart of England League Division 20.0-0.47 May 17
4K16:06Midland Counties Championships1.02.927 Jan 18
8002:22.19Charnwood AC Open Series0.0-1.126 Apr 17
8002:24.8BMC Regional Races0.01.223 May 17
4K20:18CAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)10.04.010 Mar 18
8002:23.62Leicestershire & Rutland County Championships0.00.813 May 17
3M17:53Virgin London Mini Marathon0.60.023 Apr 17
3.25K11:36New Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships0.2-2.218 Mar 17
15005:02.99Leicestershire & Rutland County Championships0.51.714 May 17
15004:57.8Tipton Games Open0.2-0.69 Apr 17
3K13:30ECCA Saucony English National Championships10.0-1.925 Feb 17
3M17:59East Midlands London Mini Marathon Trials0.20.02 Apr 17
3K13:17CAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)9.1-1.711 Mar 17
3K13:33Leicestershire & Rutland County Championships10.0-1.87 Jan 17
8002:29.43Charnwood AC Stars of the Future1.0-0.629 Aug 16
3.88K14:14ERRA National Young Athlete Relays-0.10.08 Oct 16
2.25K8:35English Schools Cup Final2.00.03 Dec 16
8002:30.63Charnwood AC Midweek Open1.0-0.210 Aug 16
15005:16.4ESAA English Schools' Cup Final1.40.62 Jul 16
8002:27.8Leicestershire County Championships0.2-1.314 May 16
3M18:46Livingston Relays1.80.01 May 16
3.88K15:32Midland Counties Young Athletes Relays0.90.024 Sep 16
8002:33.5Leicestershire & Rutland County Schools Championships0.51.012 Jun 16
8002:35.0Heart of England League Division 20.81.15 Jun 16
8002:31.7Heart of England League Division 20.0-0.57 May 16
8002:33.62Charnwood AC Midweek Open0.0-0.127 Apr 16
8002:40.3Heart of England League Division 20.72.610 Jul 16
15005:13.81Charnwood AC Warm Up Meeting0.1-0.310 Apr 16
3M19:38Virgin London Mini Marathon Trials 30.80.014 Feb 16
3K13:36CAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)6.00.012 Mar 16
2K7:43ECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships3.00.031 Oct 15
8002:39.77Charnwood Stars of the Future0.70.66 Sep 15
8002:34.74National Prep Schools Championships0.0-0.924 Jun 15
3.863K15:55Midland Young Athletes Road Relays0.80.019 Sep 15
3K14:31ECCA Saucony English National Championships6.00.027 Feb 16
8002:38.2Heart of England League Division 20.2-0.37 Jun 15
8002:41.9Heart of England League Division 20.41.55 Jul 15
8002:38.5Heart of England League Division 20.30.010 May 15
8002:42.26Charnwood AC Open Meeting0.11.017 Jun 15
3K15:08Midland Championships1.00.030 Jan 16

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